Our Story

Our Cause

Our Maisha Store was birthed out of a heart of love for the precious people of Africa. After living in Uganda for 3 years, working alongside nationals, caring for 62 children, opening a community school and medical clinic, our eyes were open to a much deeper social economic issue. First and foremost, our mission is to help human beings—changing the lives of individuals, families and communities, for good. This change is much more than a quick fix or temporary solution. It means a perpetual altering of the systems and cycles that propagate poverty and economic disparity around the world. And we believe that socially-conscious industry holds the key to that permanent change. As fun as fashion is, it’s also an industry that’s perfectly positioned to make a powerful impact. What makes us so unique is that we have direct relationship with our African artisans in the cities and rural villages of Uganda and Kenya. We make regular trips to Africa to meet with our artisans and better equip them in their craft and business. Maisha Store helps you make a difference with every purchase. When impact products are purchased the profits flow directly back to our artisans, helping them make the changes they desire.

The heart of Africa

Women like Patricia, a widowed lady, in Nairobi, Kenya has been able to build her home brick by brick through income made from our purchases, and she is able to take care of her aged parents in her village and put her children in school.

Our Artisans

Zangi has been able to create a Social Enterprise by purchasing a washing machine from the revenue he made from the jewellery we purchased from him. This has been life changing for the women in the slums, making their heavy labour of clothes washing into something much less labour some.

Harun has trained hundreds of individuals in the art of jewellery making and has been able to provide employment opportunities to those with intellectual disabilities.

Who we are

The majority of materials used to create Maisha art are made from sustainable natural elements. These recycled materials reduce emissions and are biodegradable.